Toyama Tonami-Shi Land market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Land of Toyama Tonami-Shi, in 2017 was 30,372 JPY/sq.m. The market value represents an increase of 3,493 JPY (+13.0%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a bull market. 12 properties exchanged hands ( The market value represents a decrease of 32 (-72.7%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a dramatic market.).

The average size of the real estate was 517.5 sq.m (a -2.4% decrease compared to the 530.3 sq.m of last year.).

One distinguishing feature of recent real-estate transactions was a dramatic increase in transactions involving size for a general family households less than 100 sq.m.

Causes of price decreases

  • A dramatic increase in average distance from the station (representing 20.3 min in 2016 and 24.7 min in 2017; +21.4%)
  • An decrease in transactions involving locations relatively near to the station less than six minutes by foot from the station (representing 20.5% of total transactions in 2016 and 16.7% of total transactions in 2017)

The highest Land market value is 豊町 at 50,000 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is 東保 at 3,000 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes of Land in Tonami-Shi were calculated using data on the sales of 566 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.

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Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
太郎丸 [Utilization ]13,051,429 JPY41,301 JPY/sq.m
杉木 [Utilization ]13,550,000 JPY31,316 JPY/sq.m
柳瀬8,438,800 JPY20,020 JPY/sq.m
深江12,304,167 JPY38,677 JPY/sq.m
東石丸 [Utilization ]7,051,304 JPY22,869 JPY/sq.m
鷹栖6,605,806 JPY20,849 JPY/sq.m
豊町 [Utilization ]22,795,238 JPY48,106 JPY/sq.m
五郎丸20,395,238 JPY24,102 JPY/sq.m
庄川町金屋3,042,500 JPY14,917 JPY/sq.m
6,732,941 JPY21,965 JPY/sq.m
頼成16,740,000 JPY11,860 JPY/sq.m
三郎丸4,141,176 JPY16,899 JPY/sq.m
太田7,710,714 JPY12,826 JPY/sq.m
宮沢町10,400,000 JPY31,323 JPY/sq.m
苗加7,508,333 JPY19,929 JPY/sq.m
庄川町青島5,056,364 JPY10,540 JPY/sq.m
高波2,480,909 JPY16,630 JPY/sq.m
秋元6,932,727 JPY14,655 JPY/sq.m
中野7,210,000 JPY20,171 JPY/sq.m
鷹栖出6,660,000 JPY25,496 JPY/sq.m
出町中央8,550,000 JPY46,200 JPY/sq.m
中神10,320,000 JPY32,437 JPY/sq.m
神島4,193,000 JPY14,429 JPY/sq.m
矢木4,344,444 JPY20,114 JPY/sq.m
狐島1,097,500 JPY6,660 JPY/sq.m
千代 [Utilization ]11,050,000 JPY18,800 JPY/sq.m
三合新8,671,429 JPY12,908 JPY/sq.m
上中野5,357,143 JPY8,699 JPY/sq.m
大門3,457,143 JPY14,299 JPY/sq.m
東保1,431,429 JPY4,187 JPY/sq.m
石丸6,357,143 JPY14,326 JPY/sq.m
安川3,980,000 JPY17,831 JPY/sq.m
一番町11,575,000 JPY33,987 JPY/sq.m
権正寺1,945,000 JPY7,399 JPY/sq.m
坪内9,100,000 JPY27,922 JPY/sq.m
福岡597,500 JPY2,788 JPY/sq.m
宮村7,800,000 JPY20,871 JPY/sq.m
頼成新13,050,000 JPY12,859 JPY/sq.m
宮森4,300,000 JPY15,370 JPY/sq.m
庄川町示野4,002,500 JPY11,785 JPY/sq.m


Toyama Tonami-Shi (566)

太郎丸 (35)

杉木 (34)

柳瀬 (25)

深江 (24)

東石丸 (23)

鷹栖 (21)

豊町 (21)

五郎丸 (21)

庄川町金屋 (20)


頼成 (17)

三郎丸 (17)

太田 (14)

宮沢町 (12)

苗加 (12)

庄川町青島 (11)

高波 (11)

秋元 (11)

中野 (10)

鷹栖出 (10)

出町中央 (10)

中神 (10)

神島 (10)

矢木 (9)

狐島 (8)

千代 (8)

三合新 (7)

上中野 (7)

大門 (7)

東保 (7)

石丸 (7)

安川 (5)

一番町 (4)

小島 (4)

権正寺 (4)

坪内 (4)

福岡 (4)

宮村 (4)

頼成新 (4)

宮森 (4)

庄川町示野 (4)