Tochigi Apartment average value

Price 189,903 JPY/sq.m
- Age 21.1 years old
- Dist. from Sta. 20.5 min walk
- Property area 59.8 sq.m
The market price of Tochigi Apartment is 189,903 JPY/sq.m, and the median price is 163,666 JPY/sq.m.

The average unit price of Apartment in 2019 was increased +5.2% (+10,875JPY/sq.m) compared with 2018.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 1,447 properties provided by the MLIT, Japan.

Tochigi Apartment market value list

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
Utsunomiya-Shi13,485,620 JPY210,864 JPY/sq.m987 件
Ashikaga-Shi6,837,436 JPY115,239 JPY/sq.m117 件
Tochigi-Shi18,833,333 JPY240,146 JPY/sq.m6 件
Sano-Shi7,766,667 JPY111,279 JPY/sq.m9 件
Kanuma-Shi20,500,000 JPY276,427 JPY/sq.m10 件
Oyama-Shi12,337,736 JPY179,808 JPY/sq.m173 件
Nasushiobara-Shi5,798,571 JPY102,599 JPY/sq.m145 件
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
JR11,574,525 JPY183,727 JPY/sq.m1,056 件
・両毛線12,332,258 JPY178,245 JPY/sq.m235 件
・宇都宮線11,672,470 JPY186,235 JPY/sq.m974 件
・日光線12,921,202 JPY209,476 JPY/sq.m660 件
・東北本線14,775,000 JPY210,312 JPY/sq.m16 件
・水戸線13,304,167 JPY193,060 JPY/sq.m163 件
Shinkansen12,927,164 JPY204,136 JPY/sq.m845 件
・東北12,927,164 JPY204,136 JPY/sq.m845 件
Tobu14,496,250 JPY210,735 JPY/sq.m396 件
・伊勢崎線7,975,862 JPY133,492 JPY/sq.m58 件
・佐野線7,766,667 JPY111,279 JPY/sq.m9 件
・宇都宮線15,066,176 JPY218,029 JPY/sq.m324 件
・日光線18,833,333 JPY240,146 JPY/sq.m6 件

Apartment value Age transition

Market values (unit price: sq.m, ㎡) in terms of Age, is as follow.

The orange line means market values (unit price: sq.m) for Apartment in terms of Age. The orange line changes on the basis of distance from the train station and area of the property (* For example , if the distance from the station is far, the lower the unit price.).

The dots means trading data. When you mouseover or touch the dot, details of the trading data is displayed. You can color (classify) the dots on the basis of the property area, distance from the stations, or the property price, etc.

(* You can scroll and zoom with pinch in the mobile environment.)
(* When you double-click, the value of Age is updated.)
AgeTrading PriceProportion
Price at New446,057 JPY/sq.m100 %
Residual Value (10 Years)297,251 JPY/sq.m67 %
Residual Value (20 Years)187,077 JPY/sq.m42 %
Residual Value (20 Years)115,534 JPY/sq.m26 %
Unit:   Touch:

Apartment value Age transition. Market values in terms of Age.

Apartment value Age transition

Property Details:
{{}} {{infoObj.stations[0]}} {{infoObj.station_distance}} min walk)
Trading Price:   {{infoObj.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit Price:   {{infoObj.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m
{{infoObj.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{infoObj.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{infoObj.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{infoObj.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{infoObj.structure}}
- Trading date: {{infoObj.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

When you change the slider, the unit price will change.
Age of a building Property area Total floor area Distance from the station

Calculate Tochigi Apartment market value

We can calculate market values for Apartment based on their age, area, and distance from a train station.

years old
Total floor space
Distance from the station
min walk

Market values for Tochigi Apartment that meet the above conditions were calculated in the following manner.

({{unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m)

The assumed transaction price, not including agency commissions, taxes, etc.

Trading Data

Past Apartment sales data, with similarly entered ages, area, and distances from station are as follows.

1. Tochigi Oyama-Shi 城東 (Oyama-Shi Oyama 15.0 min walk)
21.8 years old , Area: 70.0 sq.m , Total floor area: sq.m , Layout: 3LDK , Structure: SRC
- Trading date: 2018-12-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   10,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   142,857 JPY/sq.m

2. Tochigi Oyama-Shi 城東 (Oyama-Shi Oyama 15.0 min walk)
21.0 years old , Area: 70.0 sq.m , Total floor area: sq.m , Layout: 3LDK , Structure: SRC
- Trading date: 2018-03-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   14,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   200,000 JPY/sq.m

3. Tochigi Utsunomiya-Shi 不動前 (Utsunomiya-Shi Minamiutsunomiya 15.0 min walk)
19.8 years old , Area: 60.0 sq.m , Total floor area: sq.m , Layout: 3LDK , Structure: SRC
- Trading date: 2010-12-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   6,500,000 JPY,    Unit price:   108,333 JPY/sq.m

{{$index+1}}. {{}} ({{item.stations[0]}} {{item.station_distance}} min walk)
{{item.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{item.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{item.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{item.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{item.structure}}
- Trading date: {{item.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

Trading price:   {{item.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit price:   {{item.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m

Apartment market value trends

Market value trends for Apartment are as follows.

Unit:   Touch:

Apartment market value trends Market value trends for Apartment.

Apartment market value trends

Breakdown of each segment

The table below shows Apartment dealt in Tochigi, in age, distance from station, and area segments. For example, we can see market trends, such as which transactions have increased more in recent years, those for newer properties, or older ones.


Area close to the price in Tochigi

The closest areas in terms of Apartment price ranges to this area are ones like the following that are along a railway line and have a station.

Area / Station Median
Unit price
Years old
min walk
長久手市 段の上 (2) [Area]11,400,000190,000 JPY/sq.m21.0 yrs18 min60 sq.m
成田市 加良部 (86) [Area]14,500,000188,486 JPY/sq.m17.0 yrs20 min70 sq.m
沼津市 岡一色 (35) [Area]14,000,000188,235 JPY/sq.m17.4 yrs19 min70 sq.m
中央区 新屋敷 (46) [Area]8,000,000187,666 JPY/sq.m18.3 yrs19 min60 sq.m
越谷市 東大沢 (18) [Area]13,000,000192,857 JPY/sq.m17.6 yrs20 min60 sq.m
Saitama Railway Line Urawamisono (12) [Stations]10,900,000190,308 JPY/sq.m22.0 yrs19 min55 sq.m
JR JR Sanyo Main Line (531) [Stations]12,000,000187,500 JPY/sq.m19.6 yrs20 min65 sq.m
JR JR Kishin Line (538) [Stations]12,000,000185,714 JPY/sq.m19.6 yrs23 min65 sq.m
JR JR Bantan Line (594) [Stations]12,000,000185,714 JPY/sq.m20.1 yrs21 min65 sq.m
JR Katamachi Line Nagao (143) [Stations]13,000,000185,714 JPY/sq.m20.5 yrs23 min70 sq.m