Tokyo Home market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Home of Tokyo was 514,647 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 444,444 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Home market value is Tokyu at 619,047 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is JR at 370,000 JPY/sq.m.

In accordance with the aging of buildings, the area whose values were most likely to decline was the Niijima-Mura at -52.2% (The rate of decline after 30 years). On the other hand, market values along the Shibuya-Ku was the most resistant to decline at -6.2% (The same rate).

In accordance with the aging of buildings, the stations whose values were most likely to decline was the Shinkansen at -39.3% (The rate of decline after 30 years). On the other hand, market values along the JR was the most resistant to decline at -15.5% (The same rate).

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 97,884 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Chiyoda-Ku663,308,271 JPY695,586 JPY/sq.m
Chuo-Ku554,157,895 JPY842,236 JPY/sq.m
Minato-Ku595,702,595 JPY942,219 JPY/sq.m
Shinjuku-Ku193,702,390 JPY799,792 JPY/sq.m
Bunkyo-Ku183,466,774 JPY642,801 JPY/sq.m
Taito-Ku144,620,325 JPY441,463 JPY/sq.m
Sumida-Ku95,710,891 JPY411,672 JPY/sq.m
Koto-Ku183,460,790 JPY487,800 JPY/sq.m
Shinagawa-Ku185,149,623 JPY584,476 JPY/sq.m
Meguro-Ku152,206,266 JPY736,660 JPY/sq.m
Ota-Ku91,460,989 JPY548,757 JPY/sq.m
Setagaya-Ku104,248,272 JPY678,809 JPY/sq.m
Shibuya-Ku436,552,707 JPY1,003,443 JPY/sq.m
Nakano-Ku90,946,389 JPY566,945 JPY/sq.m
Suginami-Ku91,637,408 JPY638,288 JPY/sq.m
Toshima-Ku119,671,205 JPY545,449 JPY/sq.m
Kita-Ku69,939,388 JPY454,099 JPY/sq.m
Arakawa-Ku66,095,454 JPY409,928 JPY/sq.m
Itabashi-Ku73,578,332 JPY420,250 JPY/sq.m
Nerima-Ku62,556,146 JPY489,599 JPY/sq.m
Adachi-Ku46,123,591 JPY338,002 JPY/sq.m
Katsushika-Ku45,816,028 JPY349,110 JPY/sq.m
Edogawa-Ku52,695,356 JPY369,255 JPY/sq.m
Hachioji-Shi42,463,764 JPY276,244 JPY/sq.m
Tachikawa-Shi51,693,186 JPY363,948 JPY/sq.m
Musashino-Shi81,694,268 JPY631,519 JPY/sq.m
Mitaka-Shi89,268,989 JPY582,579 JPY/sq.m
Ome-Shi25,309,201 JPY214,868 JPY/sq.m
Fuchu-Shi51,760,526 JPY437,663 JPY/sq.m
Akishima-Shi34,134,752 JPY321,825 JPY/sq.m
Chofu-Shi58,930,040 JPY489,711 JPY/sq.m
Machida-Shi48,450,835 JPY383,610 JPY/sq.m
Koganei-Shi58,348,077 JPY493,819 JPY/sq.m
Kodaira-Shi45,914,242 JPY400,689 JPY/sq.m
Hino-Shi41,792,361 JPY350,697 JPY/sq.m
Higashimurayama-Shi37,636,059 JPY316,869 JPY/sq.m
Kokubunji-Shi46,258,427 JPY434,212 JPY/sq.m
Kunitachi-Shi67,547,059 JPY460,139 JPY/sq.m
Fussa-Shi42,461,429 JPY278,567 JPY/sq.m
Komae-Shi78,884,579 JPY502,734 JPY/sq.m
Higashiyamato-Shi35,119,556 JPY292,546 JPY/sq.m
Kiyose-Shi35,979,237 JPY325,227 JPY/sq.m
Higashikurume-Shi37,030,077 JPY371,421 JPY/sq.m
Musashimurayama-Shi31,197,222 JPY266,445 JPY/sq.m
Tama-Shi55,350,673 JPY342,901 JPY/sq.m
Inagi-Shi42,662,329 JPY376,362 JPY/sq.m
Hamura-Shi35,210,072 JPY288,826 JPY/sq.m
Akiruno-Shi23,868,953 JPY213,894 JPY/sq.m
Nishitokyo-Shi43,553,430 JPY421,891 JPY/sq.m
Nishitama-Gun28,094,444 JPY186,603 JPY/sq.m
Oshima-Machi6,764,912 JPY70,272 JPY/sq.m
Niijima-Mura5,520,000 JPY59,431 JPY/sq.m
Ogasawara-Mura40,333,333 JPY246,831 JPY/sq.m
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
JR88,480,960 JPY455,780 JPY/sq.m
Keisei54,743,387 JPY369,388 JPY/sq.m
Keikyū94,139,790 JPY475,181 JPY/sq.m
Keio82,052,244 JPY486,965 JPY/sq.m
Odakyu95,717,017 JPY533,546 JPY/sq.m
Shinkansen275,800,000 JPY621,044 JPY/sq.m
Tokyo Metro219,537,335 JPY626,734 JPY/sq.m
Tokyu135,264,113 JPY667,820 JPY/sq.m
Tobu71,712,000 JPY405,059 JPY/sq.m
Seibu55,226,560 JPY433,490 JPY/sq.m
Toei160,732,246 JPY561,143 JPY/sq.m
Other101,062,016 JPY459,289 JPY/sq.m


Tokyo's 23 wards (62,697)

Chiyoda-Ku (647) [Open ][Show ]

Chuo-Ku (931) [Open ][Show ]

Minato-Ku (1,105) [Open ][Show ]

Shinjuku-Ku (1,952) [Open ][Show ]

Bunkyo-Ku (1,216) [Open ][Show ]

Taito-Ku (1,193) [Open ][Show ]

Sumida-Ku (1,395) [Open ][Show ]

Koto-Ku (1,403) [Open ][Show ]

Shinagawa-Ku (1,926) [Open ][Show ]

Meguro-Ku (1,451) [Open ][Show ]

Ota-Ku (4,593) [Open ][Show ]

Setagaya-Ku (6,228) [Open ][Show ]

Shibuya-Ku (1,344) [Open ][Show ]

Nakano-Ku (2,679) [Open ][Show ]

Suginami-Ku (4,819) [Open ][Show ]

Toshima-Ku (1,804) [Open ][Show ]

Kita-Ku (1,833) [Open ][Show ]

Arakawa-Ku (1,297) [Open ][Show ]

Itabashi-Ku (3,630) [Open ][Show ]

Nerima-Ku (6,898) [Open ][Show ]

Adachi-Ku (5,855) [Open ][Show ]

Katsushika-Ku (3,819) [Open ][Show ]

Edogawa-Ku (4,679) [Open ][Show ]


Keikyū (1,645) [Open ][Show ]

Odakyu (4,953) [Open ][Show ]