Yamaguchi Sanyo Shinkansen Land market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Land of Yamaguchi Shinkansen Sanyo Shinkansen, in 2017 was 50,028 JPY/sq.m. The market value represents an increase of 5,522 JPY (+12.4%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a bull market. 9 properties exchanged hands ( The market value represents a decrease of 67 (-88.2%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a dramatic market.).

The average size of the real estate was 323.3 sq.m (a -29.4% decrease compared to the 458.2 sq.m of last year.).

One distinguishing feature of recent real-estate transactions was a dramatic increase in transactions involving locations relatively far from the station less than twenty minutes by foot from the station.

Cause of price increases

  • An decrease in average distance from the station (representing 25.1 min in 2016 and 20.1 min in 2017; -20.0%)

The highest Land market value is Tokuyama at 53,462 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is Asa at 16,363 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes of Land in Sanyo Shinkansen were calculated using data on the sales of 1,034 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Shin-Iwakuni13,350,000 JPY37,631 JPY/sq.m
Tokuyama [Land utilization ]18,352,200 JPY49,464 JPY/sq.m
Shin-Yamaguchi [Land utilization ]23,563,958 JPY43,268 JPY/sq.m
Asa [Land utilization ]6,796,222 JPY14,735 JPY/sq.m
Shin-Shimonoseki [Land utilization ]29,013,846 JPY46,010 JPY/sq.m