Yamaguchi-Shi Land market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Land of Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-Shi, in 2017 was 24,066 JPY/sq.m. The market value represents an increase of 247 JPY (+1.0%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a slight market. 24 properties exchanged hands ( The market value represents a decrease of 144 (-85.7%) compared to 1 year ago and a transition to a dramatic market.).

The average size of the real estate was 431.2 sq.m (a -27.9% decrease compared to the 597.9 sq.m of last year.).

One distinguishing feature of recent real-estate transactions was a dramatic increase in transactions involving relatively large size more than 100 sq.m.

Cause of price increases

  • A dramatic increase in transactions involving locations relatively near to the station less than six minutes by foot from the station (representing 4.2% of total transactions in 2016 and 8.3% of total transactions in 2017)

Causes of price decreases

  • A dramatic increase in average distance from the station (representing 25.7 min in 2016 and 31.7 min in 2017; +23.5%)

The highest Land market value is 小郡御幸町 at 150,378 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is 阿東嘉年下 at 837 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes of Land in Yamaguchi-Shi were calculated using data on the sales of 2,147 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
大内御堀 [Land utilization ]8,326,383 JPY18,373 JPY/sq.m
小郡下郷 [Land utilization ]18,203,111 JPY38,304 JPY/sq.m
阿知須 [Land utilization ]8,187,826 JPY17,741 JPY/sq.m
黒川 [Land utilization ]7,790,000 JPY22,954 JPY/sq.m
朝田 [Land utilization ]10,107,692 JPY27,142 JPY/sq.m
平井 [Land utilization ]12,160,714 JPY21,797 JPY/sq.m
小郡上郷16,889,242 JPY23,546 JPY/sq.m
大内矢田6,500,000 JPY22,548 JPY/sq.m
宮野下9,672,581 JPY25,999 JPY/sq.m
嘉川6,053,103 JPY15,434 JPY/sq.m
大内長野6,279,615 JPY17,424 JPY/sq.m
秋穂東3,492,917 JPY9,605 JPY/sq.m
若宮町 [Land utilization ]7,086,046 JPY41,491 JPY/sq.m
矢原 [Land utilization ]13,476,786 JPY34,866 JPY/sq.m
下小鯖6,168,250 JPY9,278 JPY/sq.m
佐山55,400,000 JPY9,413 JPY/sq.m
吉田8,373,889 JPY23,555 JPY/sq.m
吉敷中東9,348,571 JPY46,109 JPY/sq.m
古熊8,115,152 JPY33,361 JPY/sq.m
湯田温泉 [Land utilization ]44,170,000 JPY86,186 JPY/sq.m
維新公園8,859,259 JPY32,402 JPY/sq.m
中央19,352,174 JPY65,306 JPY/sq.m
7,479,565 JPY9,902 JPY/sq.m
仁保下郷6,453,478 JPY7,513 JPY/sq.m
鋳銭司18,678,500 JPY7,655 JPY/sq.m
旭通り [Land utilization ]14,625,000 JPY38,368 JPY/sq.m
楠木町12,684,210 JPY50,505 JPY/sq.m
仁保中郷5,012,105 JPY11,128 JPY/sq.m
宮野上5,408,947 JPY13,211 JPY/sq.m
吉敷赤田4,590,625 JPY19,707 JPY/sq.m
吉敷 [Land utilization ]7,913,636 JPY33,264 JPY/sq.m
徳地堀10,074,667 JPY5,688 JPY/sq.m
吉敷佐畑6,563,333 JPY28,410 JPY/sq.m
矢原町26,193,333 JPY46,866 JPY/sq.m
阿東徳佐中1,534,286 JPY6,996 JPY/sq.m
香山町15,607,143 JPY51,353 JPY/sq.m
吉敷上東6,928,571 JPY27,114 JPY/sq.m
江崎5,204,286 JPY11,840 JPY/sq.m
今井町 [Land utilization ]19,157,143 JPY58,974 JPY/sq.m
赤妻町10,600,000 JPY37,529 JPY/sq.m
白石16,492,308 JPY57,072 JPY/sq.m
大内矢田南7,138,462 JPY21,063 JPY/sq.m
秋穂二島2,384,546 JPY8,581 JPY/sq.m
吉敷下東 [Land utilization ]17,409,091 JPY34,078 JPY/sq.m
小郡新町8,863,000 JPY22,746 JPY/sq.m
阿東徳佐下2,014,000 JPY3,905 JPY/sq.m
上竪小路9,010,000 JPY45,425 JPY/sq.m
朝倉町8,680,000 JPY36,144 JPY/sq.m
米屋町10,244,444 JPY91,441 JPY/sq.m
水の上町16,422,222 JPY39,888 JPY/sq.m
阿東生雲中1,302,222 JPY3,424 JPY/sq.m
神田町24,137,500 JPY51,413 JPY/sq.m
天花108,400,000 JPY30,483 JPY/sq.m
錦町10,862,500 JPY29,356 JPY/sq.m
深溝1,700,000 JPY8,818 JPY/sq.m
下竪小路8,112,500 JPY44,402 JPY/sq.m
中市町15,937,500 JPY75,583 JPY/sq.m
後河原6,762,500 JPY37,628 JPY/sq.m
緑町16,142,857 JPY65,374 JPY/sq.m
糸米 [Land utilization ]19,704,286 JPY57,851 JPY/sq.m
宝町18,342,857 JPY35,699 JPY/sq.m
三の宮 [Land utilization ]8,285,714 JPY35,147 JPY/sq.m
上小鯖1,389,571 JPY4,725 JPY/sq.m
桜畠 [Land utilization ]5,528,571 JPY22,102 JPY/sq.m
本町9,114,286 JPY43,112 JPY/sq.m
124,157,143 JPY37,739 JPY/sq.m
三和町 [Land utilization ]5,985,714 JPY23,385 JPY/sq.m
秋穂西1,863,333 JPY8,977 JPY/sq.m
阿東篠目12,776,667 JPY2,525 JPY/sq.m
黄金町20,500,000 JPY54,574 JPY/sq.m
江良 [Land utilization ]5,820,000 JPY23,174 JPY/sq.m
宮島町 [Land utilization ]6,430,000 JPY32,260 JPY/sq.m
亀山町9,000,000 JPY59,037 JPY/sq.m
鰐石町12,850,000 JPY58,150 JPY/sq.m
惣太夫町58,800,000 JPY34,812 JPY/sq.m
堂の前町 [Land utilization ]9,800,000 JPY25,525 JPY/sq.m
幸町 [Land utilization ]10,000,000 JPY42,359 JPY/sq.m
七尾台3,600,000 JPY16,897 JPY/sq.m
折本5,800,000 JPY23,688 JPY/sq.m
道場門前7,020,000 JPY59,083 JPY/sq.m
荻町7,440,000 JPY22,144 JPY/sq.m
小郡三軒屋町41,000,000 JPY62,156 JPY/sq.m
阿東嘉年下682,500 JPY837 JPY/sq.m
小郡御幸町 [Land utilization ]154,750,000 JPY173,244 JPY/sq.m
徳地八坂2,102,500 JPY4,969 JPY/sq.m
中尾3,525,000 JPY4,410 JPY/sq.m
青葉台7,625,000 JPY17,060 JPY/sq.m
名田島3,380,000 JPY5,209 JPY/sq.m
野田15,450,000 JPY56,383 JPY/sq.m
周布町12,050,000 JPY43,672 JPY/sq.m
阿東地福上1,275,000 JPY4,669 JPY/sq.m
小郡緑町 [Land utilization ]9,287,500 JPY46,185 JPY/sq.m
富田原町3,325,000 JPY16,109 JPY/sq.m
小郡栄町41,750,000 JPY62,019 JPY/sq.m


Yamaguchi-Shi (2,147)

大内御堀 (177)

小郡下郷 (148)

阿知須 (124)

黒川 (87)

朝田 (78)

平井 (68)

小郡上郷 (66)

大内矢田 (64)

宮野下 (62)

嘉川 (58)

大内長野 (52)

秋穂東 (48)

若宮町 (43)

矢原 (41)

下小鯖 (40)

佐山 (40)

吉田 (36)

吉敷中東 (35)

古熊 (33)

湯田温泉 (30)

維新公園 (27)

中央 (23)


仁保下郷 (23)

鋳銭司 (20)

旭通り (20)

楠木町 (19)

仁保中郷 (19)

宮野上 (19)

吉敷赤田 (16)

吉敷 (16)

徳地堀 (15)

吉敷佐畑 (15)

矢原町 (15)

阿東徳佐中 (14)

香山町 (14)

吉敷上東 (14)

江崎 (14)

今井町 (14)

赤妻町 (13)

白石 (13)

大内矢田南 (13)

秋穂二島 (11)

吉敷下東 (11)

小郡新町 (10)

阿東徳佐下 (10)

上竪小路 (10)

朝倉町 (10)

米屋町 (9)

水の上町 (9)

阿東生雲中 (9)

神田町 (8)

天花 (8)

錦町 (8)

深溝 (8)

下竪小路 (8)

中市町 (8)

後河原 (8)

緑町 (7)

糸米 (7)

宝町 (7)

三の宮 (7)

上小鯖 (7)

桜畠 (7)

本町 (7)


三和町 (7)

秋穂西 (6)

阿東篠目 (6)

黄金町 (6)

江良 (6)

宮島町 (6)

亀山町 (6)

鰐石町 (6)

惣太夫町 (6)

堂の前町 (5)

幸町 (5)

七尾台 (5)

折本 (5)

道場門前 (5)

荻町 (5)

小郡三軒屋町 (4)

阿東嘉年下 (4)

小郡御幸町 (4)

徳地八坂 (4)

中尾 (4)

青葉台 (4)

名田島 (4)

野田 (4)

周布町 (4)

阿東地福上 (4)

小郡緑町 (4)

富田原町 (4)

小郡栄町 (4)