Hyogo Land market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Land of Hyogo was 94,239 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 60,714 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Land market value is Hanshin at 227,777 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is Kyoto Tango Railway at 34,545 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 37,377 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.

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Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Kobe-Shi [Utilization ]49,859,909 JPY153,874 JPY/sq.m
Himeji-Shi [Utilization ]19,185,934 JPY58,004 JPY/sq.m
Amagasaki-Shi [Utilization ]50,352,223 JPY173,762 JPY/sq.m
Akashi-Shi [Utilization ]30,315,670 JPY102,663 JPY/sq.m
Nishinomiya-Shi [Utilization ]73,450,398 JPY237,981 JPY/sq.m
Sumoto-Shi [Utilization ]7,437,699 JPY30,373 JPY/sq.m
Ashiya-Shi [Utilization ]110,468,692 JPY324,652 JPY/sq.m
Itami-Shi [Utilization ]34,883,861 JPY155,844 JPY/sq.m
Aioi-Shi [Utilization ]12,065,333 JPY44,608 JPY/sq.m
Toyoka-Shi [Utilization ]7,597,436 JPY28,098 JPY/sq.m
Kakogawa-Shi [Utilization ]18,530,480 JPY66,984 JPY/sq.m
Ako-Shi [Utilization ]16,252,197 JPY34,201 JPY/sq.m
Nishiwaki-Shi [Utilization ]9,299,828 JPY21,057 JPY/sq.m
Takarazuka-Shi [Utilization ]40,545,522 JPY136,495 JPY/sq.m
Miki-Shi [Utilization ]16,356,549 JPY32,963 JPY/sq.m
Takasago-Shi [Utilization ]16,044,968 JPY52,138 JPY/sq.m
Kawanishi-Shi [Utilization ]30,880,000 JPY88,416 JPY/sq.m
Ono-Shi [Utilization ]8,360,396 JPY27,223 JPY/sq.m
Sanda-Shi [Utilization ]23,657,564 JPY59,390 JPY/sq.m
Kasai-Shi [Utilization ]7,215,781 JPY21,421 JPY/sq.m
Sasayama-Shi [Utilization ]7,429,375 JPY16,832 JPY/sq.m
Yabu-Shi5,358,947 JPY19,398 JPY/sq.m
Tanba-Shi [Utilization ]6,080,924 JPY11,422 JPY/sq.m
Minamiawaji-Shi [Utilization ]9,482,267 JPY20,752 JPY/sq.m
Asago-Shi [Utilization ]7,495,809 JPY14,177 JPY/sq.m
Awaji-Shi [Utilization ]9,119,450 JPY25,168 JPY/sq.m
Shiso-Shi [Utilization ]8,036,529 JPY19,440 JPY/sq.m
Kato-Shi [Utilization ]12,586,052 JPY17,455 JPY/sq.m
Tatsuno-Shi [Utilization ]11,628,132 JPY29,466 JPY/sq.m
Kawabe-Gun [Utilization ]19,664,000 JPY25,680 JPY/sq.m
Taka-Gun9,226,765 JPY6,897 JPY/sq.m
Kako-Gun [Utilization ]22,890,877 JPY57,792 JPY/sq.m
Kanzaki-Gun [Utilization ]9,129,192 JPY27,911 JPY/sq.m
Ibo-Gun [Utilization ]21,037,320 JPY44,208 JPY/sq.m
Ako-Gun [Utilization ]4,443,443 JPY10,734 JPY/sq.m
Sayo-Gun3,875,283 JPY7,466 JPY/sq.m
Mikata-Gun5,282,032 JPY21,849 JPY/sq.m
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
JR [Utilization ]25,431,629 JPY78,901 JPY/sq.m
Kyoto Tango Railway [Utilization ]9,658,947 JPY32,236 JPY/sq.m
Sanyo Electric Railway [Utilization ]20,433,575 JPY71,764 JPY/sq.m
Shinkansen [Utilization ]26,714,939 JPY86,719 JPY/sq.m
Kobe Municipal [Utilization ]42,533,919 JPY117,249 JPY/sq.m
Kobe Electric Railway [Utilization ]18,071,069 JPY43,363 JPY/sq.m
Nose Electric Railway [Utilization ]24,786,730 JPY80,270 JPY/sq.m
Hankyu [Utilization ]58,432,164 JPY202,614 JPY/sq.m
Hanshin [Utilization ]64,499,768 JPY249,040 JPY/sq.m
Other [Utilization ]59,817,356 JPY130,137 JPY/sq.m


Kobe-Shi (6,722) [Open ][Show ]

Nagata-Ku (484) [Open ][Show ]

Suma-Ku (568) [Open ][Show ]

Tarumi-Ku (1,046) [Open ][Show ]

Kita-Ku (1,308) [Open ][Show ]

Chuo-Ku (454) [Open ][Show ]

Nishi-Ku (1,102) [Open ][Show ]


Kyoto Tango Railway (549) [Open ][Show ]

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