Okayama Home market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Home of Okayama was 141,306 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 111,111 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Home market value is Shinkansen at 135,634 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is JR at 111,111 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 11,118 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Okayama-Shi [Land utilization ]34,597,638 JPY166,788 JPY/sq.m
Kurashiki-Shi [Land utilization ]26,251,973 JPY156,394 JPY/sq.m
Tsuyama-Shi [Land utilization ]18,072,147 JPY83,709 JPY/sq.m
Tamano-Shi [Land utilization ]14,876,127 JPY108,994 JPY/sq.m
Kasaoka-Shi [Land utilization ]16,242,152 JPY96,982 JPY/sq.m
Ibara-Shi [Land utilization ]15,402,041 JPY102,847 JPY/sq.m
Soja-Shi [Land utilization ]22,348,378 JPY144,814 JPY/sq.m
Takahashi-Shi8,303,226 JPY60,819 JPY/sq.m
Niimi-Shi10,061,538 JPY76,482 JPY/sq.m
Bizen-Shi8,741,630 JPY54,744 JPY/sq.m
Setochi-Shi [Land utilization ]16,029,412 JPY97,754 JPY/sq.m
Akaiwa-Shi [Land utilization ]12,588,060 JPY104,946 JPY/sq.m
Maniwa-Shi6,598,861 JPY54,684 JPY/sq.m
Mimasaka-Shi [Land utilization ]7,052,381 JPY70,603 JPY/sq.m
Asakuchi-Shi [Land utilization ]19,953,488 JPY107,882 JPY/sq.m
Wake-Gun5,095,000 JPY38,516 JPY/sq.m
Tsukubo-Gun [Land utilization ]86,229,630 JPY163,722 JPY/sq.m
Asakuchi-Gun [Land utilization ]36,256,818 JPY178,405 JPY/sq.m
Oda-Gun11,068,205 JPY72,988 JPY/sq.m
Tomata-Gun9,320,769 JPY54,873 JPY/sq.m
Katsuta-Gun23,304,546 JPY73,039 JPY/sq.m
Aida-Gun4,415,000 JPY42,070 JPY/sq.m
Kume-Gun6,640,877 JPY40,941 JPY/sq.m
Kaga-Gun59,524,000 JPY48,188 JPY/sq.m
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
JR [Land utilization ]27,624,251 JPY141,170 JPY/sq.m
Shinkansen [Land utilization ]37,644,578 JPY168,166 JPY/sq.m
Other [Land utilization ]22,453,257 JPY145,079 JPY/sq.m


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