Shiga Home average value

Price 154,057 JPY/sq.m
- Age 22.5 years old
- Dist. from Sta. 25.5 min walk
- Property area 288 sq.m
- Total floor area 164 sq.m
The market price of Shiga Home is 154,057 JPY/sq.m, and the median price is 130,769 JPY/sq.m.

The average unit price of Home in 2019 was increased +0.4% (+650JPY/sq.m) compared with 2018.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 11,360 properties provided by the MLIT, Japan.

Shiga Home market value list

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
Otsu-Shi23,126,138 JPY160,906 JPY/sq.m3,807 件
Hikone-Shi29,017,480 JPY136,945 JPY/sq.m888 件
Nagahama-Shi17,896,226 JPY121,580 JPY/sq.m541 件
Omihachiman-Shi28,584,108 JPY145,031 JPY/sq.m709 件
Kusatsu-Shi39,215,139 JPY242,748 JPY/sq.m1,221 件
Moriyama-Shi53,724,638 JPY201,234 JPY/sq.m603 件
Ritto-Shi35,398,198 JPY196,076 JPY/sq.m518 件
Koka-Shi22,875,224 JPY121,593 JPY/sq.m579 件
Yasu-Shi27,927,500 JPY216,941 JPY/sq.m284 件
Konan-Shi23,165,686 JPY125,752 JPY/sq.m481 件
Takashima-Shi9,233,885 JPY78,164 JPY/sq.m451 件
Higashiomi-Shi16,585,412 JPY126,658 JPY/sq.m761 件
Maibara-Shi16,635,862 JPY110,602 JPY/sq.m129 件
Gamo-Gun13,684,167 JPY97,834 JPY/sq.m184 件
Echi-Gun13,064,000 JPY86,641 JPY/sq.m114 件
Inukami-Gun11,243,846 JPY57,060 JPY/sq.m90 件
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
JR26,931,258 JPY160,569 JPY/sq.m10,090 件
・北陸本線18,730,690 JPY127,195 JPY/sq.m610 件
・東海道本線16,627,273 JPY94,073 JPY/sq.m95 件
・湖西線16,182,134 JPY132,516 JPY/sq.m2,200 件
・琵琶湖線32,318,014 JPY179,794 JPY/sq.m6,266 件
・草津線26,048,242 JPY175,415 JPY/sq.m1,704 件
Keihan14,295,238 JPY133,980 JPY/sq.m21 件
・京津線9,687,500 JPY97,709 JPY/sq.m8 件
・石山坂本線17,130,769 JPY156,300 JPY/sq.m13 件
Shinkansen22,116,667 JPY144,633 JPY/sq.m42 件
・東海道22,116,667 JPY144,633 JPY/sq.m42 件
Omi Railway18,846,468 JPY116,098 JPY/sq.m1,554 件
・多賀線17,048,000 JPY91,083 JPY/sq.m78 件
・本線19,170,233 JPY117,811 JPY/sq.m1,519 件
Other27,759,058 JPY131,769 JPY/sq.m963 件
・信楽高原鐵道24,906,897 JPY116,604 JPY/sq.m124 件
・近江鉄道八日市線28,185,412 JPY133,840 JPY/sq.m839 件

Home value Age transition

Market values (unit price: sq.m, ㎡) in terms of Age, is as follow.

The orange line means market values (unit price: sq.m) for Home in terms of Age. The orange line changes on the basis of distance from the train station and area of the property (* For example , if the distance from the station is far, the lower the unit price.).

The dots means trading data. When you mouseover or touch the dot, details of the trading data is displayed. You can color (classify) the dots on the basis of the property area, distance from the stations, or the property price, etc.

(* You can scroll and zoom with pinch in the mobile environment.)
(* When you double-click, the value of Age is updated.)
AgeTrading PriceProportion
Price at New254,984 JPY/sq.m100 %
Residual Value (10 Years)186,493 JPY/sq.m73 %
Residual Value (20 Years)138,499 JPY/sq.m54 %
Residual Value (20 Years)111,001 JPY/sq.m44 %
Unit:   Touch:

Home value Age transition. Market values in terms of Age.

Home value Age transition

Property Details:
{{}} {{infoObj.stations[0]}} {{infoObj.station_distance}} min walk)
Trading Price:   {{infoObj.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit Price:   {{infoObj.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m
{{infoObj.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{infoObj.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{infoObj.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{infoObj.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{infoObj.structure}}
- Trading date: {{infoObj.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

When you change the slider, the unit price will change.
Age of a building Property area Total floor area Distance from the station

Calculate Shiga Home market value

We can calculate market values for Home based on their age, area, and distance from a train station.

years old
Total floor space
Distance from the station
min walk

Market values for Shiga Home that meet the above conditions were calculated in the following manner.

({{unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m)

The assumed transaction price, not including agency commissions, taxes, etc.

Trading Data

Past Home sales data, with similarly entered ages, area, and distances from station are as follows.

1. Shiga Omihachiman-Shi 中小森町 (Omihachiman-Shi Oumihachimann 20.0 min walk)
24.0 years old , Area: 170 sq.m , Total floor area: 105 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2018-03-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   11,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   104,761 JPY/sq.m

2. Shiga Otsu-Shi 瀬田 (Otsu-Shi Ishiyama 20.0 min walk)
25.3 years old , Area: 165 sq.m , Total floor area: 120 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2015-06-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   30,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   250,000 JPY/sq.m

3. Shiga Hikone-Shi 古沢町 (Hikone-Shi Hikone 19.0 min walk)
21.8 years old , Area: 180 sq.m , Total floor area: 120 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2016-12-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   2,300,000 JPY,    Unit price:   19,166 JPY/sq.m

4. Shiga Takashima-Shi 鴨 (Takashima-Shi Adogawa 21.0 min walk)
25.5 years old , Area: 175 sq.m , Total floor area: 105 sq.m , Structure: 軽量鉄骨造
- Trading date: 2013-09-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   7,800,000 JPY,    Unit price:   74,285 JPY/sq.m

5. Shiga Higashiomi-Shi 小脇町 (Higashiomi-Shi Tarobouguumae 19.0 min walk)
25.0 years old , Area: 180 sq.m , Total floor area: 105 sq.m , Structure: 軽量鉄骨造
- Trading date: 2015-03-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   8,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   76,190 JPY/sq.m

{{$index+1}}. {{}} ({{item.stations[0]}} {{item.station_distance}} min walk)
{{item.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{item.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{item.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{item.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{item.structure}}
- Trading date: {{item.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

Trading price:   {{item.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit price:   {{item.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m

Home market value trends

Market value trends for Home are as follows.

Unit:   Touch:

Home market value trends Market value trends for Home.

Home market value trends

Breakdown of each segment

The table below shows Home dealt in Shiga, in age, distance from station, and area segments. For example, we can see market trends, such as which transactions have increased more in recent years, those for newer properties, or older ones.


Area close to the price in Shiga

The closest areas in terms of Home price ranges to this area are ones like the following that are along a railway line and have a station.

Area / Station Median
Unit price
Years old
min walk
大津町 大字引水 (17) [Area]30,000,000154,006 JPY/sq.m19.0 yrs29 min340 sq.m
利府町 花園 (42) [Area]20,000,000153,939 JPY/sq.m18.8 yrs30 min245 sq.m
下関市 長府侍町 (12) [Area]23,000,000154,196 JPY/sq.m25.8 yrs30 min320 sq.m
音更町 宝来西町北 (3) [Area]20,000,000153,846 JPY/sq.m23.0 yrs30 min290 sq.m
盛岡市 小杉山 (3) [Area]20,000,000153,846 JPY/sq.m19.8 yrs30 min250 sq.m
JR Shinonoi Line Minamimatsumoto (228) [Stations]20,000,000153,846 JPY/sq.m25.4 yrs21 min230 sq.m
JR JR Hōhi Main Line (4,302) [Stations]23,000,000156,521 JPY/sq.m25.5 yrs30 min230 sq.m
JR JR Joban Line (3,037) [Stations]20,000,000150,000 JPY/sq.m23.3 yrs30 min270 sq.m
JR Tohoku Main Line Minamifukushima (387) [Stations]19,000,000150,000 JPY/sq.m26.4 yrs30 min230 sq.m
Shinano Railway Line Shinanokokubunnji (87) [Stations]18,500,000148,148 JPY/sq.m24.0 yrs25 min285 sq.m