Saitama Home average value

Price 243,445 JPY/sq.m
- Age 16.8 years old
- Dist. from Sta. 19.7 min walk
- Property area 195 sq.m
- Total floor area 139 sq.m
The market price of Saitama Home is 243,445 JPY/sq.m, and the median price is 236,363 JPY/sq.m.

The average unit price of Home in 2019 was decreased -10.3% (-26,895JPY/sq.m) compared with 2018.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 71,318 properties provided by the MLIT, Japan.

Saitama Home market value list

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
Saitama-Shi53,335,871 JPY321,880 JPY/sq.m12,735 件
・西区29,262,338 JPY266,840 JPY/sq.m965 件
・北区45,146,008 JPY315,485 JPY/sq.m1,477 件
・大宮区140,229,386 JPY374,679 JPY/sq.m1,108 件
・見沼区41,667,297 JPY247,168 JPY/sq.m2,020 件
・中央区50,623,529 JPY385,888 JPY/sq.m731 件
・桜区38,959,286 JPY293,607 JPY/sq.m874 件
・浦和区68,406,687 JPY432,673 JPY/sq.m1,403 件
・南区48,380,071 JPY375,177 JPY/sq.m1,566 件
・緑区36,305,639 JPY308,293 JPY/sq.m1,526 件
・岩槻区27,842,851 JPY219,707 JPY/sq.m1,065 件
Kawagoe-Shi38,916,586 JPY243,695 JPY/sq.m4,073 件
Kumagaya-Shi37,161,659 JPY150,560 JPY/sq.m1,653 件
Kawaguchi-Shi40,455,556 JPY301,521 JPY/sq.m5,577 件
Gyoda-Shi31,627,044 JPY134,222 JPY/sq.m607 件
Chichibu-Shi13,424,533 JPY93,772 JPY/sq.m313 件
Tokorozawa-Shi31,600,538 JPY267,816 JPY/sq.m3,382 件
Hanno-Shi22,519,141 JPY165,798 JPY/sq.m936 件
Kazo-Shi23,196,111 JPY131,820 JPY/sq.m1,256 件
Honjo-Shi21,315,152 JPY145,405 JPY/sq.m665 件
Higashimatsuyama-Shi22,490,556 JPY165,869 JPY/sq.m792 件
Kasukabe-Shi23,725,383 JPY195,204 JPY/sq.m3,029 件
Sayama-Shi25,823,913 JPY201,489 JPY/sq.m1,452 件
Hanyu-Shi20,682,441 JPY126,022 JPY/sq.m481 件
Konosu-Shi21,896,930 JPY185,051 JPY/sq.m1,104 件
Fukaya-Shi22,852,112 JPY159,224 JPY/sq.m1,027 件
Ageo-Shi26,741,267 JPY242,601 JPY/sq.m2,232 件
Soka-Shi40,968,134 JPY259,184 JPY/sq.m2,637 件
Koshigaya-Shi42,488,758 JPY272,705 JPY/sq.m3,553 件
Warabi-Shi58,035,461 JPY355,584 JPY/sq.m557 件
Toda-Shi84,390,141 JPY348,588 JPY/sq.m758 件
Iruma-Shi31,738,172 JPY209,885 JPY/sq.m1,612 件
Asaka-Shi42,326,471 JPY344,804 JPY/sq.m1,095 件
Shiki-Shi34,429,630 JPY318,229 JPY/sq.m566 件
Wako-Shi41,275,926 JPY385,972 JPY/sq.m452 件
Niiza-Shi31,927,875 JPY286,713 JPY/sq.m1,761 件
Okegawa-Shi26,599,386 JPY222,505 JPY/sq.m757 件
Kuki-Shi27,812,748 JPY180,927 JPY/sq.m1,339 件
Kitamoto-Shi23,727,778 JPY239,117 JPY/sq.m537 件
Yashio-Shi40,358,871 JPY280,165 JPY/sq.m969 件
Fujimi-Shi31,674,899 JPY254,922 JPY/sq.m1,139 件
Misato-Shi35,817,059 JPY264,167 JPY/sq.m1,252 件
Hasuda-Shi24,320,690 JPY215,774 JPY/sq.m609 件
Sakado-Shi27,178,829 JPY193,035 JPY/sq.m1,073 件
Satte-Shi19,019,174 JPY141,098 JPY/sq.m613 件
Tsurugashima-Shi36,241,600 JPY652,849 JPY/sq.m652 件
Hidaka-Shi14,791,736 JPY138,294 JPY/sq.m684 件
Yoshikawa-Shi32,253,691 JPY258,342 JPY/sq.m740 件
Fujimino-Shi30,916,678 JPY272,112 JPY/sq.m1,283 件
Shiraoka-Shi23,337,594 JPY200,700 JPY/sq.m525 件
Kitaadachi-Gun49,282,051 JPY173,841 JPY/sq.m383 件
Iruma-Gun20,834,598 JPY146,861 JPY/sq.m990 件
Hiki-Gun16,394,318 JPY107,114 JPY/sq.m1,232 件
Chichibu-Gun7,362,333 JPY78,491 JPY/sq.m210 件
Kodama-Gun14,308,818 JPY123,007 JPY/sq.m419 件
Osato-Gun8,201,333 JPY66,977 JPY/sq.m372 件
Minamisaitama-Gun19,313,793 JPY170,385 JPY/sq.m326 件
Kitakatsushika-Gun17,526,344 JPY153,950 JPY/sq.m909 件
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price#
JR40,990,363 JPY263,672 JPY/sq.m30,649 件
・上野東京ライン93,685,994 JPY361,548 JPY/sq.m531 件
・京浜東北線61,792,948 JPY350,067 JPY/sq.m7,467 件
・八高線13,761,994 JPY118,639 JPY/sq.m1,408 件
・埼京線81,648,660 JPY340,911 JPY/sq.m4,154 件
・宇都宮線57,438,887 JPY272,233 JPY/sq.m5,693 件
・川越線58,421,501 JPY266,308 JPY/sq.m4,720 件
・武蔵野線45,421,278 JPY319,828 JPY/sq.m5,553 件
・湘南新宿ライン112,146,181 JPY320,487 JPY/sq.m1,453 件
・高崎線40,358,654 JPY227,031 JPY/sq.m10,594 件
Shinkansen76,422,666 JPY230,077 JPY/sq.m2,556 件
・上越76,422,666 JPY230,077 JPY/sq.m2,556 件
・北陸76,422,666 JPY230,077 JPY/sq.m2,556 件
・東北112,146,181 JPY320,487 JPY/sq.m1,453 件
Tokyo Metro39,788,889 JPY387,582 JPY/sq.m327 件
・副都心線39,788,889 JPY387,582 JPY/sq.m327 件
・有楽町線39,788,889 JPY387,582 JPY/sq.m327 件
Tobu33,533,570 JPY234,126 JPY/sq.m29,383 件
・伊勢崎線29,287,600 JPY215,659 JPY/sq.m11,559 件
・日光線22,761,114 JPY150,427 JPY/sq.m1,681 件
・東上本線30,783,051 JPY261,034 JPY/sq.m11,115 件
・越生線19,872,145 JPY128,900 JPY/sq.m1,403 件
・野田線50,573,916 JPY246,114 JPY/sq.m5,435 件
Seibu31,940,307 JPY226,933 JPY/sq.m9,008 件
・山口線20,240,845 JPY208,510 JPY/sq.m71 件
・新宿線41,574,557 JPY247,188 JPY/sq.m3,453 件
・池袋線27,908,141 JPY226,631 JPY/sq.m5,529 件
・狭山線23,936,559 JPY247,568 JPY/sq.m670 件
・秩父線7,253,488 JPY67,021 JPY/sq.m136 件
Other45,912,500 JPY237,014 JPY/sq.m9,609 件
・つくばエクスプレス線38,004,843 JPY254,933 JPY/sq.m1,400 件
・埼玉新都市交通伊奈線87,534,130 JPY287,222 JPY/sq.m2,439 件
・埼玉高速鉄道39,394,053 JPY302,768 JPY/sq.m2,864 件
・秩父本線29,712,754 JPY125,410 JPY/sq.m2,694 件

Home value Age transition

Market values (unit price: sq.m, ㎡) in terms of Age, is as follow.

The orange line means market values (unit price: sq.m) for Home in terms of Age. The orange line changes on the basis of distance from the train station and area of the property (* For example , if the distance from the station is far, the lower the unit price.).

The dots means trading data. When you mouseover or touch the dot, details of the trading data is displayed. You can color (classify) the dots on the basis of the property area, distance from the stations, or the property price, etc.

(* You can scroll and zoom with pinch in the mobile environment.)
(* When you double-click, the value of Age is updated.)
AgeTrading PriceProportion
Price at New322,287 JPY/sq.m100 %
Residual Value (10 Years)249,437 JPY/sq.m77 %
Residual Value (20 Years)200,491 JPY/sq.m62 %
Residual Value (20 Years)175,447 JPY/sq.m54 %
Unit:   Touch:

Home value Age transition. Market values in terms of Age.

Home value Age transition

Property Details:
{{}} {{infoObj.stations[0]}} {{infoObj.station_distance}} min walk)
Trading Price:   {{infoObj.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit Price:   {{infoObj.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m
{{infoObj.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{infoObj.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{infoObj.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{infoObj.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{infoObj.structure}}
- Trading date: {{infoObj.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

When you change the slider, the unit price will change.
Age of a building Property area Total floor area Distance from the station

Calculate Saitama Home market value

We can calculate market values for Home based on their age, area, and distance from a train station.

years old
Total floor space
Distance from the station
min walk

Market values for Saitama Home that meet the above conditions were calculated in the following manner.

({{unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m)

The assumed transaction price, not including agency commissions, taxes, etc.

Trading Data

Past Home sales data, with similarly entered ages, area, and distances from station are as follows.

1. Saitama Kasukabe-Shi 西八木崎 (Kasukabe-Shi Kasukabe 18.0 min walk)
6.3 years old , Area: 135 sq.m , Total floor area: 110 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2010-06-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   19,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   172,727 JPY/sq.m

2. Saitama Kitaadachi-Gun Ina-Machi 栄 (Kitaadachi-Gun Hasuda 18.0 min walk)
6.5 years old , Area: 135 sq.m , Total floor area: 95.0 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2009-09-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   19,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   200,000 JPY/sq.m

3. Saitama Hasuda-Shi 蓮田 (Hasuda-Shi Hasuda 19.0 min walk)
6.5 years old , Area: 125 sq.m , Total floor area: 95.0 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2013-09-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   24,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   252,631 JPY/sq.m

4. Saitama Ageo-Shi 大字瓦葺 (Ageo-Shi Haraichi 19.0 min walk)
5.8 years old , Area: 130 sq.m , Total floor area: 95.0 sq.m , Structure: 木造
- Trading date: 2009-12-01 00:00:00

Trading price:   18,000,000 JPY,    Unit price:   189,473 JPY/sq.m

{{$index+1}}. {{}} ({{item.stations[0]}} {{item.station_distance}} min walk)
{{item.days_elapsed|days_year}} years old , Area: {{item.dimension}} sq.m , Total floor area: {{item.dimension_all}} sq.m , Layout: {{item.floor_plan}} , Structure: {{item.structure}}
- Trading date: {{item.trade_date|date:'MMMM, yyyy'}}

Trading price:   {{item.price|number:0}} JPY,    Unit price:   {{item.unit_price|number:0}} JPY/sq.m

Home market value trends

Market value trends for Home are as follows.

Unit:   Touch:

Home market value trends Market value trends for Home.

Home market value trends

Breakdown of each segment

The table below shows Home dealt in Saitama, in age, distance from station, and area segments. For example, we can see market trends, such as which transactions have increased more in recent years, those for newer properties, or older ones.


Area close to the price in Saitama

The closest areas in terms of Home price ranges to this area are ones like the following that are along a railway line and have a station.

Area / Station Median
Unit price
Years old
min walk
Kumagaya-Shi 桜町 (10) [Area]29,000,000243,910 JPY/sq.m18.3 yrs23 min182 sq.m
守山区 白山 (14) [Area]36,000,000242,856 JPY/sq.m16.6 yrs22 min157 sq.m
葵区 住吉町 (2) [Area]65,000,000242,640 JPY/sq.m16.4 yrs23 min182 sq.m
中央区 笹丘 (43) [Area]34,000,000244,444 JPY/sq.m18.6 yrs23 min175 sq.m
Sawara-Ku 荒江 (36) [Area]39,000,000244,949 JPY/sq.m14.8 yrs18 min165 sq.m
JR Senzan line Kitayama (441) [Stations]26,000,000238,095 JPY/sq.m13.8 yrs23 min200 sq.m
JR Kagoshima Main Line Shinnguchuou (207) [Stations]28,000,000230,769 JPY/sq.m17.8 yrs16 min230 sq.m
JR JR Senzan line (3,069) [Stations]25,000,000221,621 JPY/sq.m16.0 yrs23 min220 sq.m
Yutorito Line Obataryokuchi (2) [Stations]23,000,000217,154 JPY/sq.m19.4 yrs16 min185 sq.m
Fukuoka Nanakuma Line Fukudaimae (296) [Stations]31,000,000213,333 JPY/sq.m17.5 yrs23 min177 sq.m