Wakayama Land market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Land of Wakayama was 40,519 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 30,869 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Land market value is Nankai at 50,000 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is JR at 30,526 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 10,444 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Wakayama-Shi [Land utilization ]17,847,342 JPY59,006 JPY/sq.m
Kainan-Shi [Land utilization ]12,140,843 JPY38,363 JPY/sq.m
Hashimoto-Shi [Land utilization ]22,425,385 JPY25,839 JPY/sq.m
Arida-Shi [Land utilization ]9,350,000 JPY20,397 JPY/sq.m
Gobo-Shi [Land utilization ]6,668,793 JPY20,880 JPY/sq.m
Tanabe-Shi [Land utilization ]11,620,360 JPY44,727 JPY/sq.m
Shingu-Shi [Land utilization ]10,447,839 JPY38,818 JPY/sq.m
Kinokawa-Shi [Land utilization ]8,821,575 JPY20,584 JPY/sq.m
Iwade-Shi [Land utilization ]11,527,417 JPY28,318 JPY/sq.m
Kaiso-Gun8,128,531 JPY22,693 JPY/sq.m
Ito-Gun [Land utilization ]10,699,167 JPY44,368 JPY/sq.m
Arida-Gun [Land utilization ]8,990,526 JPY22,625 JPY/sq.m
Hidaka-Gun [Land utilization ]5,507,246 JPY19,314 JPY/sq.m
Nishimuro-Gun9,507,068 JPY28,207 JPY/sq.m
Higashimuro-Gun [Land utilization ]4,585,078 JPY18,680 JPY/sq.m
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
JR [Land utilization ]13,046,051 JPY41,562 JPY/sq.m
Nankai [Land utilization ]17,814,427 JPY59,326 JPY/sq.m
Other [Land utilization ]17,289,725 JPY55,696 JPY/sq.m