Osaka Home market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Home of Osaka was 230,555 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 200,000 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Home market value is Hankyu at 266,666 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is Nose Electric Railway at 60,556 JPY/sq.m.

In accordance with the aging of buildings, the area whose values were most likely to decline was the Senboku-Gun at -59.9% (The rate of decline after 30 years). On the other hand, market values along the Mishima-Gun was the most resistant to decline at -33.2% (The same rate).

In accordance with the aging of buildings, the stations whose values were most likely to decline was the Kintetsu at -51.0% (The rate of decline after 30 years). On the other hand, market values along the Shinkansen was the most resistant to decline at -32.3% (The same rate).

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 83,241 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Osaka-Shi [Land utilization ]84,220,230 JPY241,562 JPY/sq.m
Sakai-Shi [Land utilization ]34,416,984 JPY204,428 JPY/sq.m
Kishiwada-Shi [Land utilization ]32,672,149 JPY164,189 JPY/sq.m
Toyonaka-Shi [Land utilization ]52,580,790 JPY295,242 JPY/sq.m
Ikeda-Shi [Land utilization ]47,954,693 JPY268,540 JPY/sq.m
Suita-Shi [Land utilization ]77,772,315 JPY316,814 JPY/sq.m
Izumiotsu-Shi [Land utilization ]34,105,921 JPY196,095 JPY/sq.m
Takatsuki-Shi [Land utilization ]31,385,650 JPY258,591 JPY/sq.m
Kaizuka-Shi [Land utilization ]24,001,471 JPY152,696 JPY/sq.m
Moriguchi-Shi [Land utilization ]32,663,507 JPY172,850 JPY/sq.m
Hirakata-Shi [Land utilization ]29,162,085 JPY209,646 JPY/sq.m
Ibaraki-Shi [Land utilization ]44,363,392 JPY279,762 JPY/sq.m
Ya-Shi [Land utilization ]28,440,732 JPY207,563 JPY/sq.m
Izumisano-Shi [Land utilization ]26,838,956 JPY151,979 JPY/sq.m
Tondabayashi-Shi [Land utilization ]24,220,242 JPY167,576 JPY/sq.m
Neyagawa-Shi [Land utilization ]21,481,709 JPY174,645 JPY/sq.m
Kawachinagano-Shi [Land utilization ]17,791,784 JPY139,302 JPY/sq.m
Matsubara-Shi [Land utilization ]17,959,695 JPY155,332 JPY/sq.m
Daito-Shi [Land utilization ]31,314,767 JPY179,155 JPY/sq.m
Izumi-Shi [Land utilization ]28,941,769 JPY196,011 JPY/sq.m
Mino-Shi [Land utilization ]57,112,925 JPY326,762 JPY/sq.m
Kashiwara-Shi [Land utilization ]23,080,680 JPY168,088 JPY/sq.m
Habikino-Shi [Land utilization ]19,459,598 JPY151,832 JPY/sq.m
Kadoma-Shi [Land utilization ]26,641,538 JPY168,589 JPY/sq.m
Settsu-Shi [Land utilization ]36,630,620 JPY189,106 JPY/sq.m
Takaishi-Shi [Land utilization ]23,316,667 JPY191,730 JPY/sq.m
Fujiidera-Shi [Land utilization ]24,024,602 JPY172,950 JPY/sq.m
Higashiosaka-Shi [Land utilization ]34,508,715 JPY191,175 JPY/sq.m
Sen'Nan-Shi [Land utilization ]34,566,447 JPY121,132 JPY/sq.m
Shijonawate-Shi [Land utilization ]25,136,932 JPY189,470 JPY/sq.m
Katano-Shi [Land utilization ]25,027,481 JPY220,305 JPY/sq.m
Osakasayama-Shi [Land utilization ]25,173,653 JPY216,317 JPY/sq.m
Han'Nan-Shi [Land utilization ]14,752,980 JPY119,668 JPY/sq.m
Mishima-Gun [Land utilization ]34,642,000 JPY331,543 JPY/sq.m
Toyono-Gun [Land utilization ]9,273,805 JPY79,634 JPY/sq.m
Senboku-Gun [Land utilization ]26,229,787 JPY157,133 JPY/sq.m
Sen'Nan-Gun [Land utilization ]20,170,588 JPY154,777 JPY/sq.m
Minamikawachi-Gun [Land utilization ]13,397,348 JPY97,869 JPY/sq.m
StationsAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
JR [Land utilization ]42,760,169 JPY211,817 JPY/sq.m
Keihan [Land utilization ]33,778,246 JPY200,070 JPY/sq.m
Nankai [Land utilization ]31,594,108 JPY181,111 JPY/sq.m
Osaka Municipal Transportation [Land utilization ]91,524,664 JPY249,886 JPY/sq.m
Osaka Monorail [Land utilization ]64,005,672 JPY264,160 JPY/sq.m
Shinkansen [Land utilization ]489,854,546 JPY266,074 JPY/sq.m
Nose Electric Railway [Land utilization ]9,774,902 JPY82,143 JPY/sq.m
Kintetsu [Land utilization ]29,123,632 JPY177,557 JPY/sq.m
Hankai Tramway [Land utilization ]57,324,498 JPY243,342 JPY/sq.m
Hankyu [Land utilization ]53,929,413 JPY279,979 JPY/sq.m
Hanshin [Land utilization ]68,109,434 JPY218,608 JPY/sq.m
Other [Land utilization ]46,253,558 JPY232,411 JPY/sq.m


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