Shizuoka Farmland market overview [Show ]

The average price of a sq.m Farmland of Shizuoka was 6,334 JPY/sq.m, and the median price was 3,034 JPY/sq.m.

The highest Farmland market value is Mishima-Shi at 10,344 JPY/sq.m. On the other hand, those with the lowest market value is Shimoda-Shi at 1,076 JPY/sq.m.

Data regarding the market value and its changes were calculated using data on the sales of 5,814 properties provided by the MLIT Japan.





Market value

AreaAverage Trading PriceAverage Unit Price
Shizuoka-Shi [Land utilization ]4,810,889 JPY9,936 JPY/sq.m
Hamamatsu-Shi [Land utilization ]6,209,914 JPY6,472 JPY/sq.m
Numazu-Shi [Land utilization ]5,842,862 JPY8,934 JPY/sq.m
Atami-Shi [Land utilization ]1,666,475 JPY2,784 JPY/sq.m
Mishima-Shi [Land utilization ]9,441,628 JPY12,630 JPY/sq.m
Fujinomiya-Shi [Land utilization ]4,648,842 JPY4,668 JPY/sq.m
Ito-Shi [Land utilization ]3,101,905 JPY4,765 JPY/sq.m
Shimada-Shi [Land utilization ]5,852,936 JPY8,441 JPY/sq.m
Fuji-Shi [Land utilization ]11,025,098 JPY11,583 JPY/sq.m
Iwata-Shi [Land utilization ]3,124,626 JPY4,516 JPY/sq.m
Yaizu-Shi [Land utilization ]9,206,538 JPY8,519 JPY/sq.m
Kakegawa-Shi [Land utilization ]1,513,072 JPY2,873 JPY/sq.m
Fujieda-Shi [Land utilization ]6,340,538 JPY11,620 JPY/sq.m
Gotenba-Shi [Land utilization ]13,393,922 JPY5,638 JPY/sq.m
Fukuroi-Shi [Land utilization ]3,132,780 JPY3,300 JPY/sq.m
Shimoda-Shi1,236,333 JPY2,796 JPY/sq.m
Susono-Shi [Land utilization ]5,028,605 JPY8,844 JPY/sq.m
Kosai-Shi [Land utilization ]4,576,706 JPY8,313 JPY/sq.m
Izu-Shi [Land utilization ]3,053,950 JPY5,890 JPY/sq.m
Omaezaki-Shi [Land utilization ]933,061 JPY2,741 JPY/sq.m
Kikugawa-Shi [Land utilization ]2,005,294 JPY4,512 JPY/sq.m
Izunokuni-Shi [Land utilization ]2,596,216 JPY5,847 JPY/sq.m
Makinohara-Shi [Land utilization ]2,914,750 JPY3,659 JPY/sq.m
Kamo-Gun2,341,128 JPY4,659 JPY/sq.m
Tagata-Gun [Land utilization ]7,792,703 JPY7,080 JPY/sq.m
Sunto-Gun [Land utilization ]5,433,235 JPY6,398 JPY/sq.m
Haibara-Gun [Land utilization ]1,215,282 JPY2,231 JPY/sq.m
Shuchi-Gun [Land utilization ]1,345,966 JPY5,058 JPY/sq.m